5th October 2020

Working with Elelphants

By Grant Fowlds

My affection started with these large Mega-herbivores in 2003 when we translocated a herd from Phinda Game Reserve to start a new herd at Amakhala Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape. I was oblivious to the fact that these pachyderms, like Rhino would come in and out of my Conservation career over the next two decades.

Elephants in nature
The Amakhala Game reserve herd in decades has settled and bred 3 times to 30 strong

It was a privilege to work with incredible Vets, and Conservationists during this time like Dr Dave Cooper, Kester Vickery, Dereck Milburn, Dr Andre Uys, Dr Heinz Kohrs, the late Chris Holcroft, Dr Lucy King and my own brother Dr Will Fowlds.

I fought hard for the removal of excess Elephants out Atherstone Nature reserve in Limpopo to new Range in the Eastern Cape. In KwaZulu natal I came across a herd of 24 Wild Elephants at Mawana Game Reserve later to cause the Founding of Loziba Wilderness. This lead me to several Conflict situations being diffused by trying to resolve Conflict around too many elephants in the Pongola Game Reserve. I love spending time with the Graceful, massive Tuskers remaining in Tembe Elephant park.

I admire the story of Addo Elephant park from 11 elephants to several hundreds. Our Vision to expand this land is one of our Rewilding Visions.

Elephants on savannah
A Savanah elephant scene from Kafue National Park- by Henry k. Siambone
Anti-poaching poster
Education is Vital to Elephant Success-the was started by Kingsley Holgate this template is in Setswana for lessons around North West Gaborone and Botswana

In 2015 we launched Elephant Art in Kinshasa as part of the Kingsley Holgate expedition to find the Geographical Centre of the African Continent. The lessons were in French at a Catholic School in Kinshasa.

The expedition was a tribute to the Forest elephants that have been persecuted in several African Countries in the Congo basin.

Loading a sedated elephant onto a truck for transport
Elephant traslocation by Conservation Solutions is slick and succesful
A large herd of elephants
Pic by Adrian Crous of the Lovely Lebombo Mountains and the Pongola Elephant herd
Map showing elephant movement
Technology- this is movement of collared Elephant Matriarch on the Loziba Reserve Showing breakout from the Reserve marked in yellow
Grant with Suzette Boshoff and Dr Lucy King, on the Board of Save the Elephants in Kenya Day
Grant with Suzette Boshoff and Dr Lucy King, on the Board of Save the Elephants in Kenya Day

The Link is Long but on World Elephant Day August 2021 I was invited to Address the New York Explorers Club on my Experience with African Elephants Watch the first 15 minutes below

I now am involved in several Non Profits, Boards, Educational programmes and African countries to try and save these amazing mammals from all forms of persecution by Man.

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