Our natural wonders are disappearing through global warming and insatiable demand for wildlife products which I intend to halt through awareness.


From a very young age, I lived and played in the African bush, enjoying the natural wonders provided by nature. My passion for nature in later life has forged a career in preserving wildlife, teaching our youth in the abundant wealth of nature and conserving a vanishing way of Life.

For over a decade I have been involved in a private park restoration in Southern Africa and recently started consulting in West Africa. My knowledge and passion has been conveyed to thousands of youth in schools through community conservation awareness. This work created a much needed fund raising drive for an NGO with the aid of the corporate social investment portfolios which spells out the slogan “Stop Wildlife Crime”.

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Along with my friend and well-known author Graham Spence I have had the privilege of being able to tell my stories of the work I do and reveal the struggles we face in wildlife conservation. I thank all the people I have worked with that are tirelessly on the frontlines of conservation, as well as those who have made these book publications possible.

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The rhino art campaign remains the most comprehensive children’s rhino conservation education programme ever undertaken. Its clear objective is to gather hearts and minds messages in a call to arms.

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Here are some of my favorite posts about life in the bush.

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