5th March 2017

The Lucky Fish Blog

By Grant Fowlds

Our hero.

23 February 2017 | Amakahla Game Reserve, Eastern Cape
He is a hero in our minds.
He travels the world educating people about rhino poaching.
He's involved in saving the rhino and saving the land for future generations.
And, in the middle of his mission, he found the time to join us at the Lodge, his home...
and spoil us with his time
and a private game drive
and cocktails at sunset on a bluff overlooking the three lionesses under a tree,
six rhinos in the distance
and a herd of mixed buck to the east.
Never wanted to leave.
Loved his stories,
his passion
and the peace of the land as the sun settled over the distant mountains.
Thank you Grant Fowlds...
you are a true hero.

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