Saving the Last Rhinos - The Life of a Frontline Conservationist


Grant Fowlds and Graham Spence

Conservationist, educator, fundraiser, community activist, and much more, Grant strives relentlessly to save endangered species. Each day of his life involves a new challenge, a setback or victory of some sort. Most important to him is that he tries to makes a difference - to communities and to the wildlife he is so passionate about.

Book poster for Saving the Last Rhinos by Grant Fowlds and Graham Spence

This is Grant’s first book, co-written with Graham Spence the bestselling author of The Elephant Whisperer, Babylons Ark, and The last Rhinos. It is in the latter stages of preparation for publication by major international book publisher, Little Brown UK. Negotiations are underway regarding US and foreign language rights across the global spectrum. The UK and commonwealth territories edition is scheduled for publication in November 2019 including a co-edition with Jonathan Ball Publishers, South Africa. Watch this space for exciting updates as they happen.


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Release date November 2019