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Global warming, poaching, human pressure are just some factors that are changing our world. Grant relates his first hand experience of growing up in a natural environment with the consequences of 21st century greed for animals in the exploding demand in all forms of animal trafficking. His presentation is centred on the vast increase in rhino poaching in the last decade, where animals are in serious threat of extinction. The presentation climaxes on his personal walk in a rhino project and a race against the theory – ‘endangered means we still have time but extinction is forever’.

Grant has given presentations in locations far and wide, both in South Africa and abroad, including:

  • University of Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Biodiversity Agency, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Universidad Belgrano, Buenos Aires
  • Top Service, Brazil
  • Kangaroo, Brazil
  • SAACI- South African Conference Industry
  • Kashmir World Foundation, Washington DC
  • University of Richmond, USA
  • Harvard University, Boston Mashachutes
  • Madiba’s Brooklyn, New York
  • WTM Africa 2015
  • WTM Africa Thebe Reed Exhibition 2016
  • Universidad San Sebastian de Chile
  • Press Conference at Beatrice Hotel Kinshasa, DRC
  • Bill Buchanan Home, Durban
  • University of DUT, Durban
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Rhino Art KZN School Tour

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Rhino Art involves Visits to Schools and Communities to educate the Audience about the threats of rhino poaching and other forms of Wildlife Crime.

The education involves two school visits where educators with a mobile unit and Sound System portray the problem and leave a blank peice of Art for the scholar to colour, draw, paint or write a message of Hope and Solution to the Rhino problem.

While at the school, we also educate the classes about Tourism, the Environment and al spin off factors that our natural resources are creating for the Economy.

Winners of the Art competion get given a prize, or occasionally a trip to the Parks to see Rhino in the Wild- this is reffered to as rhino Vision.

Operation Game Change Vietnam Visit

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In October 2015 a group of students selected by the World Youth Rhino Summit Committee were invited by the US embassy to participate in Wildfest Vietnam, a demand Reduction campaign involved Public Service Announcements in South East Asian countries

Wildlives Matter-30 Cities Tour around the World for Wildlife

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Tour for promotion of Africa as a destination and to Assist with reduction in Wildlife Crime


Young Presidents Organization

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I was privilaged to be part of the African Family Safari Experience at Phinda Game Reserve in July 2017. These are Global leaders from all over the World who attended Phinda Mountain Lodge