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My love and passion for the Wild and Responsible Tourism has resulted in an opportunity to Consult in Tourism. This coupled with Game Introduction, Reserve Environmental Planning has seen my career take me to parts of West, Southern and Central Africa. I have been a consultant in marketing Responsible Tourism and an avid supporter of a green and sustainable Model.

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Human Wildlife Conflict Resolution

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Africa is renowned for its incredible Wildlife and vast tracts of Natural habitat.

However, there is a new phenomenon that was bound to catch us humans offsides! It is the expansion of humans and extreme poverty, lack of political will, corruption and destruction of its Flora and Fauna for Survival.

In our quest to save animals and habitat, consulting in Community around Parks in Africa is now a priority.

We have a team that will educate, advise, engage, plan and put suggestions to Government, NGO's, to ensure that our future generations will experience Africa before it is all Gone.

The model will ensure that People, Park and Planet are all Winners.

Mediation and Negotiator in Wildlife Projects

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With Africas complex issues in poaching and land use, it is vital to be able to resolve differences in Land use and Sustainable utilization. With two decades of knowleadge in Marketing African Safari, and speaking several languages we are able to add value as a Consultant to your Project to survive.


Community Wildlife Conflict

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The World has ignored the plea of the popultion adjacent to parks for years. Yet they are the very people that can Sink or Save Africas Wildlife population.

We consult, mediate, Explain the enormous imporatance of this with the Sustainable Development Goals in mind


Loziba Wildlife Reserve

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Loziba Wildlife Reserve is a Range expansion Reserve in Northern KwaZulu Natal aimed at Eco Tourism in a Partnership with Community Land and Private land ownership.